• September 9, 2021

A little of everything: Polygon’s best new titles

Polygon is publishing a collection of the best new games we’ve found on the platform, along with a new round-up of our favourite videos, articles and podcasts.

Read moreWe’re still waiting for some of our best games to launch, but here are some of the games we’re particularly excited about.

Invisible, an immersive survival game that puts you in the shoes of a survival horror gamer.

The premise of Invisible: It’s your job to survive a zombie apocalypse, and only your own body can survive.

As you play, you’re trapped inside a house and need to make it out alive, or face a terrifying end.

The game looks and feels gorgeous, but is limited in its content.

A large open world is the only way to progress through the game, and its not exactly a place you’ll want to be stuck for much longer.

The demo for Invisible doesn’t show much in terms of gameplay, but the developer has shown us some neat gameplay mechanics.

The gameplay is a little too reminiscent of Resident Evil 2: it has some interesting puzzles, and the camera angle is quite obtrusive.

But this demo does show some neat features, including a mechanic that lets you jump between different rooms and objects without being tethered to a screen.

This mechanic works on a number of levels, so we’ll have to see how it pans out in full-on play.

Invisible will launch on October 10 for PC and Mac, and will be available for iOS and Android in November.

The first wave of new games that we’re excited to reveal this week are: The Walking Dead: Survival Instincts for PS4 and Xbox One.

The Walking Die-Hard for Xbox One and PS4.

This was one of the first games that got our attention in terms in our new roundup, and is an absolutely stunning title.

The graphics are stunning and the audio is fantastic, so the game will certainly be worth your time.

The campaign is set in the 1930s, and has a great sense of scale and scope.

It takes place in an industrialised town, and features a story-driven storyline that takes place during World War II.

The story will take you through the era of World War I, and you’ll get a feel for the type of environment you’re playing in.

The setting is also one that we’ve been loving in our latest roundup, which includes two new titles: The Unfinished Swan and the Endless.

We’re super excited to have these games in the portfolio for our next roundup, as they represent a huge leap forward for indie games.

The Undone Swan is a great indie puzzle platformer, set in a world where you’re tasked with solving puzzles to complete the puzzles in the game.

The Endless is a simple side-scrolling platformer with some excellent graphics and a charming soundtrack.

We’d love to see more of these games come to the platform later this year, as we think they’re really, really great.

We’re also pleased to announce that we have some fantastic news about a few more of the most important titles that we haven’t even mentioned yet.

This week, we’ve got our favourite indie games that will be launching on November 12, so keep checking back every day for more information on what’s coming your way.

Check back every Tuesday for the latest news on games, and stay tuned to Polygon for more previews and previews of the future.

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