• June 15, 2021

A new ‘rural’ development portal aims to help people connect with developers in remote rural areas

The website has been launched in the heart of Sydney’s west.

It has a community forum where developers can post their projects, get advice on what kind of work they want to do and access advice and support from other developers, such as a mentoring programme.

The site also offers tools to connect with other developers in the region, as well as links to social media, advice and resources for local businesses.

The new portal has been created by an online education company called the Rural Development Centre.

It’s the latest initiative to connect developers and the wider community, with the aim of providing information about their projects and helping them grow.

“This is a new development portal which is designed to be a place where anyone can be able to find out what kind or size of project they are interested in,” Mr Bock told ABC Radio Sydney.

“It’s aimed at getting the community more involved with the development process.”

The new site is currently being built in Sydney’s east and south west.

The forum is set to launch in March.

“We want to give developers a way to connect to one another and share what they are working on,” Mr Jevons said.

“If someone is interested in working on a farm, we want to hear about that and that’s where the site will be set up.”

The site has been in the works for some time.

“There are a lot of things we’re trying to do to get more people involved in rural development, to have more people learn about and engage with what we do in the farming community,” Mr Voss said.

He said there was a huge amount of work being done to build an ecosystem for developers, with community gardens being set up and other projects such as an educational centre and a new park being launched.

“But we’ve also got a huge community of people that are working in the rural sector, in agriculture,” he said.

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