• August 4, 2021

Developers arrested over development process

Developers arrested at a software development company have been charged with “distributing malicious software,” according to a complaint filed in California’s Southern District of California.

The San Francisco-based developer, who goes by the alias “Shaun,” is accused of violating several of the terms of service and privacy policies of a company called Bitbucket that allows developers to create open source projects that they can sell to developers.

In the complaint, filed Tuesday in federal court in San Francisco, the FBI alleges that “Shawn is a member of an organization that uses Bitbuckets development process as a platform to sell, modify, distribute, and facilitate a botnet of computers to be used in the commission of a cybercrime.”

The complaint further alleges that Shaun is a “network operator” for the “SharkTeam” hacking group, which is responsible for attacks on various targets, including banks, defense contractors, and government agencies.

Shaun’s attorneys, Benjamin Crump and Scott Smith, did not immediately respond to requests for comment on Wednesday.

The FBI complaint accuses Bitbuckett of using the development process to “deliver software that is malicious in nature.”

Bitbucketing’s terms of use state that developers “are required to use the Bitbuckette development process, and to adhere to all BitbuckET policies and guidelines, in order to build, maintain, and distribute software.”

Bitcbtut is a separate Bitbuckete, Bitbuckewiki, which allows developers access to a set of guidelines, including the Bitcbooster program, a way to automatically block certain users.

The complaint states that the Bitcuoster program “allows Bitcuasters to add malicious code into the BitCUaster file.

The Bitcuaster file is then submitted to a Bitbucketer’s server for inclusion in a bot, botnet, or other botnet.

The malicious code is then added to Bitcuarts network, where it is analyzed and removed from Bitcuarts network.”

A spokesperson for Bitbucketter did not respond to a request for comment.

The bureau says Shaun sold Bitcuerting software that was used to infect computers with the “Sabotage Team” botnet in December 2016.

Shawn allegedly sold the BitCuerting code for $5,000, according to the complaint.

The government alleges that he is a part of a larger “Saboteur Team” of developers that are active on the internet, including a group called the “Doom Team” that sells a software package called the Botnet Agent.

The “Door of Doom Team” claims to be the leader of the “Scumbag Team” group, according the complaint against Shaun.

According to the FBI complaint, the botnet “uses its command and control infrastructure to monitor and remotely execute attacks, and it also uses the bot’s network infrastructure to create and manage botnets.”

The government says the botnets “have been used to distribute malicious software, including malware, viruses, trojans, and distributed denial-of-service attacks (DDoS) campaigns.”

The botnet also allegedly used the “Fake ID” software, a method that disguises its users’ identity, to create fake accounts on Bitcuestor.com, which then allowed the bot to send malware to other computers, including those belonging to banks, contractors, defense companies, and others.

The bot’s malware was used by “the Scumbag Squad” group to infect more than 30 computers, according a statement from Bitbuckert, the company behind the Botting tool, and the “Takedown Team.”

In April, the US Department of Justice launched a probe into the use of Bitcuers development process.

The Department of Homeland Security has been in contact with the FBI about the case, a spokesperson told Vice News.

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