• August 4, 2021

How ‘The Hunger Games’ Inspired My ‘Star Wars: The Force Awakens’ Story

Apple and Lucasfilm are creating a story that can be told across the different generations of Apple fans, and they’re taking the idea one step further than most of us could ever imagine.

The “Star Wars” franchise has been a part of Apple’s DNA since the early 1990s, and the latest film in the series, “Rogue One: A Star Wars Story,” debuted on Apple TV back in December.

But the new film’s story has never been told in the same way, or in the way fans want to see it.

The film’s storyline is set in the fictional planet of Jakku, and focuses on a young girl named Leia Organa, who finds herself drawn to a mysterious young man named Luke Skywalker.

In the original film, Luke is killed and Leia returns to her family home of Dagobah, a desert planet in the Outer Rim Territories.

She is given a ship, the Millennium Falcon, and is taken to the mysterious city of Coruscant, where she meets a young boy named R2-D2.

The film follows Leia and Luke’s journey from the Jakku desert to Coruscants heart, and in a way it’s the story of Leia’s relationship with Luke.

It wasn’t until the third film in “The Force Awakens” series, titled “Rogue Nation,” that the story started to take shape.

But it wasn’t the story that would eventually tell the “Star Trek” universe’s own story, because Lucasfilm decided to go with a different approach: It wanted to take the story and tell it in the “The Hunger Game” universe.

When it came time to write “The Star Wars” saga for the upcoming film, the film’s writers focused on exploring the relationships that Leia and her people share.

This included the idea of Leia and Han Solo, who both grew up in the Clone Wars.

The idea was that the young Han Solo would grow up to be the “star” of the new franchise, and Leia would grow to be a powerful leader of her people.

That was a big part of the reason why the story focused on Leia and R2 as a couple.

But “Rogue Three” director David Michôd decided to keep Leia and the “Clone Wars” relationship separate from the rest of the saga.

In a way, that’s what “Rogue Two” director Gareth Edwards did in “Rogue Four,” which is set during the “Rogue Ones” movie.

He wanted to keep the story separate from all of the other films in the franchise, but he decided to tell it from Leia’s perspective.

The new film is the first time that the “Hunger Games” universe has been written in that way, so the new story takes place in the galaxy far, far away, rather than in the very distant lands of Jakkup, where the story takes its name.

The story of how the Skywalker family came together is also a big deal.

It’s one of the major reasons why audiences love “The Clone Wars,” and a lot of fans remember seeing Luke’s parents die during the Clone War.

When “Rogue Six” director Ken Leung started writing the story for “Rogue Seven,” he took this idea and used it to tell a story about his own family.

But because of “Rogue Eight,” which took place decades later, and because of the time travel introduced in the third movie, the new tale has a lot more of an impact on its own timeline.

The “StarWars” franchise’s fans have always loved these stories, and it seems that the Lucasfilm team is taking a similar approach to make sure they’ll continue to get them in the future.

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