• October 7, 2021

How to create a Battle Arms game for iOS, Android and Mac

A developer who started his career by making a Battle Arm game for Android is now creating one for the iPhone.

Battle Arms has been working on its latest iOS version, Battle Arms: Battle for the Planet, for more than two years, but the developer is now ready to share his first-person, shooter-style game.

Battle Arms: Battles for the Planets launched on August 5, but developer David S. Thompson has since added a couple of additional planets.

The game is available for free on the App Store.

The first planet, called Planet A, is set in the fictional solar system of Uranus, where the player must battle a giant robot known as a Battle Rifle.

Planet B is set at a fictional planet called Planet C, where an alien race known as the Zephyroids is attempting to colonize the planet.

Planet A is also a home for a planet’s military and civilian teams.

The player must capture the captured planet and use the captured planets power to protect it from hostile alien creatures.

Planet B is a planet with an alien population, with an arsenal of weaponry, and has a number of other elements, such as a space station, an airship, and a colony ship.

Planet C is a different planet, but also home to a large population of alien species.

There’s no release date yet for Battle Arms, but Thompson says it’s “coming soon.”

He says it will be “a massive game, but we’ve got a few more planets in the pipeline.”

Battle Arms is available now for free, and the developer says it has plans to bring the game to the Mac.

Thompson says he’ll be able to provide updates and details of the game’s gameplay, as well as an explanation of the planet-capturing mechanics in the next couple of weeks.

You can check out the game in the gallery below.

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