• September 25, 2021

Microsoft’s new development tool,Marta, is the first in a line of ‘mobile first’ development tools for Windows 10

The Microsoft team has announced the first of its “mobile first” development tools in Windows 10, which will be available for the first time to developers this month.

Marta aims to bring developers up to speed on the latest Windows 10 features and tools with a dashboard, app, and an interface that makes it easier for them to work in the cloud.

The company says it aims to make its new tools “the best development tools you can use on Windows.”

Microsoft is bringing the toolkit in two flavors: one for developers using the desktop operating system and another for developers that are on a mobile device.

The new version of the tool will be for both platforms, and Microsoft says it plans to make the new version “available to developers with the first launch in the coming weeks.”

Microsoft says it will release a preview version of its toolkit on October 7, but the company says the tool is still “under development” and that developers can expect more details on its release in the future.

Microsoft is also offering the new toolkit to developers for free, though Microsoft says the developer version will cost $1,500.

Microsoft is also making an effort to improve the speed and efficiency of its app development, as well as provide a streamlined interface for developers to use.

Microsoft has released a new dashboard that shows how developers can manage and access their apps on Windows 10.

The dashboard shows the time it takes to build a new app, upload it to the Windows Store, and download it.

The developers can also easily update the app to the latest version without having to open the Windows Insider Preview.

Microsoft has also released a dashboard that lists the latest developer features and enhancements.

Microsoft also says that it is adding an app preview program to Windows 10 that allows developers to test apps before they are released to the general public.

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