• November 1, 2021

New York Times: ‘Permanent Disability’ is ‘not just a way to pay for the insurance’: New York City schools

NEW YORK (AP) When a New York school district decided to pay disability benefits to students who have been diagnosed with chronic traumatic encephalopathy, some parents were outraged.

Some argued the plan was a way for parents to pay the cost of their child’s disability insurance.

But others argued the payments would help them pay for their children’s schooling and help them get jobs.

The New York district said it was following state rules.

It said it had made a “difficult decision” and would provide a full accounting of its decision in coming months.

The school district said that because it didn’t have enough data to show the full impact, it made the payments.

State education officials said the payments to some students are more than the cost to cover the disability.

And the district said its payments are in line with the requirements of New York’s disability law.

A disability law, passed in 2010, requires schools to provide a minimum amount of disability benefits.

But the state requires districts to cover costs of any care and treatment provided to students with disabilities, even if that care or treatment is not covered by their insurance.

Schools are also required to cover all costs associated with the care and treatments, regardless of whether they are covered by a parent’s insurance or disability plan.

State Sen. Richard Gottfried, a Republican who represents parts of the city, called the payments “a way to subsidize the insurance companies.”

He said the district has to make a hard decision: to put all the money they have into the school district, or to pay it to some of these parents, who are now going to pay more for their kids’ school than they paid them for the benefits they were receiving before.

The district’s policy, Gottfried said, is to keep costs low.

The district has been able to do this by getting the cost from the insurance plans of students, not paying for their care.

The policy also requires the district to keep payments from the state in the form of disability payments, which is how the payments are calculated.

The payments are capped at $2,500 per student.

The amount of the caps varies by school.

The parents who objected to the disability payments were not required to pay their own insurance premiums, but they did have to pay out-of-pocket for the care they provided.

Some of the parents who received payments said they expected more payments, especially for the cost-sharing.

The parents, some of whom are single parents with children under the age of 5, said the benefits would help their children become better students.

A spokeswoman for the district did not respond to requests for comment.

But some of the families said they were upset with the payments because the district doesn’t provide information about how much it pays to parents for their students’ care and for the amount of care they provide.

“This is an insult to the people who have the ability to make these decisions,” said Jennifer Schmitt, a mother of a 9-year-old with cerebral palsy.

She said she is paying her son $3,000 a month for his medical and mental care.

Some parents, however, said they thought the payments were fair.

“If I don’t have money to pay my rent, I’m not going to buy food for my kids, I don,t have the means to educate my kids.

That’s just the way it is,” said a father of two students, who asked to remain anonymous.

“I don’t understand why they’re going to make me pay for my child’s care.”

The families said that they are also concerned about the cost savings that could be realized if the district paid out- of-pocket.

“There are people who don’t need help.

But we’re going into this thinking, ‘Oh, maybe this can be avoided,'” said a mother.

The state, which has been investigating the case, has not yet determined whether the school should pay the benefits to the families.

The payments were announced Friday.

The case has attracted widespread attention.

In a letter to New York Gov.

Andrew Cuomo, Democratic Sen. Charles Schumer, who represents the district, called for a “full and transparent accounting” of the payments by the district.

In a letter last week, New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman, who is also running for governor, said it’s important to understand what the state is doing to protect the interests of disabled New Yorkers and to keep the financial burden on the state from going up.

Schneiderman’s office said it is working with the district and the state to review the payments, as well as other issues raised in the lawsuit.

Schumer said in a statement: “I am very concerned about what this case reveals about the administration’s efforts to circumvent the law.

I urge the New York State Legislature to act to ensure that New York schools are funded in a way that serves the interests and needs of all New Yorkers, including the disabled.”Schneiders

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