• October 21, 2021

When Tobias Arrested Development Launches For iOS, Android And Android Wear with Mobile Development Apps

When Tobias is released from prison, he’ll need to get up to speed with a new career and move to the big city.Tobias is a programmer by trade and now works in the world of computer programming as a technical support rep.Tobias, a former employee of Apple and the software giant, was convicted of hacking…

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Developer on iOS 12 and Android 7.1 preview apps: ‘We really need to make sure it’s a great experience for everyone’

iOS 12 is the new version of iOS that Apple launched last month.iOS 12 will arrive in the UK this autumn, with the full version coming to iOS devices in October.iOS 13, the next version of Apple’s mobile operating system, will be released later in the year.iOS 12 will be a huge leap forward for…

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How to become a better web developer in 2019

With the growth of the internet and apps, more and more developers are finding themselves needing to make more money and be able to support themselves financially. We have created a series of resources that will help you with this important decision and more. Our team at Axios is an independent, leading developer and technology publication that…

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How to Build Your Own ‘Bleach’ Building (Video)

The developer behind the game Bleach 5 is working on a sequel to the popular game, which is available for Windows and Mac.Bleach 5 developer Dontnod Entertainment said that it was looking into creating a “Bleach 2” with a sequel that would allow players to create their own story-based games, and that it had already…

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How to pay your developers to do your work

Developers need to be able to generate revenue, which means they need to earn their keep.But there’s no shortage of opportunities for them to get paid, even if it’s through an internal company.Here’s how to figure out how much you’ll make on your own time, whether you’ll be able get paid for your work, and…

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How to Become a Game Developer

The job of a game developer is to create the game.A game developer works hard to make a game that’s enjoyable for players and developers.The most challenging part of being a game designer is to find ways to add value to your game while staying true to the spirit of the game itself.This is why…

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Apple: It’s all about the design and the app story

Apple is making big strides in its efforts to build a new design language for apps, but one major hurdle remains: designing the apps themselves.Apple’s new design process aims to take apps from the sketch-and-cut stage to the final product.Apple has long been focused on creating an intuitive user interface that enables users to do…

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