• September 11, 2021

When will Safari development tools be available to all?

By the end of the year, Safari developers will be able to use the Safari Developer Tools and their own code to build apps in the Safari browser.While developers will have access to a toolkit that they can plug into any browser they choose, they will have to do so in the browser they’re using.This…

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The cat’s out of the bag: Meet Kitty and the new Kitten Rescue

Kitty, the cat that was arrested by the city of Buenos Aires in a crackdown on kitten prostitution, was rescued by a kitty rescue organization on Friday after several days in a cage in a Buenos Aires zoo.The cat is expected to undergo intensive training to become a kitten rescue and will be placed with…

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How to train for cat training

The cat training industry is booming.For years, the industry has been largely unregulated.But in recent years, more and more companies are starting to take on the role.The training industry includes cat training courses, which are designed to teach cats to perform a variety of tasks and tricks.But most cat training companies don’t sell cat training…

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How the brain learns, in a week: The next big innovation from the brains behind ‘The Matrix’

In this week’s episode of The Matrix Adventures, I chat with the brain behind The Matrix, the cognitive development theory behind it, and why the brain’s greatest invention of all time isn’t going to be coming to the US anytime soon.The brain is a computer, so there are computers everywhere.The brain is what makes up…

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Developer exchange, training and development on the go: The shopify developer exchange

The Shopify developer expo in Seattle is a big deal for the developer community.It’s the third annual event that brings together hundreds of developers from all over the world and showcases how easy it is to start a new business in the industry.As the title suggests, this year’s expo is geared toward developers that have…

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