• August 20, 2021

The future of software development in Australia may be in your hands

AUSTRALIA’S career development strategy could see a significant change in the way companies are incentivised to hire the right skills, a report says.

The report by the Career Centre, which has been advising business leaders, states the Government needs to rethink the way it incentivises the private sector to invest in young talent.

“We need to re-think the incentives that are being offered to companies to hire young people, whether they’re young people who are just entering the labour market or not,” Dr Peter Rimmer said.

“I think that’s the key question that we’re going to be asked in a year’s time.”

The report is the result of more than a year of research by Mr Rimmer and his colleagues at the Career Center, who studied more than 7,000 Australian companies.

They say the Government’s focus on boosting the pool of graduates to become the next generation of Australian workers is “irrelevant”.

“What we’re seeing is an incredible lack of understanding of how to manage the new skills that young people are bringing into the workforce, or what those skills actually need to be, and what they need to do,” Dr Rimmer told news.com-au.

“The only thing we can really do as a society is educate people about what they are doing right now, and to start to look at ways to incentivise employers to invest and invest in the skills of young people.”

“If you’re going down the path of the Government paying for those skills that they’ve got, that’s not going to happen.”

The study found the majority of companies surveyed did not offer career development schemes to attract new talent to the industry.

“A lot of companies in the industry, particularly large companies, are not doing any sort of career development programmes for young people,” Dr Richard Gorman said.

Dr Rimmers findings have already led to changes in the Government, which announced a $12 million program last year to help companies hire more young talent, but the report suggests this might be at odds with the Government policy of increasing the pool to attract the best talent.

Dr Gorman argues the Government could be more responsive to the needs of employers by making the recruitment and retention of the best young talent more of a priority.

“There are things we can do in terms of making it more relevant, more relevant to employers to do the right thing, and that’s just the right place to start,” Dr G Norman said.

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