• October 31, 2021

Why does a little girl in Indonesia have a criminal record?

The arrest of a child development coordinator in Indonesia sparked outrage among child rights activists who accuse authorities of failing to protect children and failing to uphold child rights.

The arrest of an Indonesian girl on suspicion of having ties to an organisation known as “Arrested Development” led to the suspension of her activities as a member of the Indonesian Children’s Development Council (ICCD).

Her arrest has triggered international outrage with rights groups condemning the move, saying it was a clear violation of children’s rights.

Child Development Minister Ariek Jeevan told the Jakarta Post on Monday that he had asked the Indonesian authorities to investigate the arrest, but he did not elaborate.

He said it was not clear whether the case would be prosecuted.ICCD has said it works with a number of NGOs to educate children and promote a positive environment in schools.

In September, the organisation was suspended by the Indonesian government after it emerged that it was working with the Indonesian Education Ministry, which oversees the country’s education system, on the issue of child protection.

The ICCD has been accused of being an umbrella organisation of organisations linked to the detention and abuse of children.

“I don’t think we should be complacent about these cases.

We are going to continue to fight against these organisations,” ICCD founder and president Fariquddin Bano told the AP news agency on Monday.

The Indonesian government has said that it has “full confidence” in the ICCD, despite widespread international condemnation of the organisation’s activities.

The International Association of the Child Development Council has called for the suspension to be lifted.

In August, Indonesian authorities arrested the head of the ICCE, who was accused of working with a group that abused children and that had links to the “Armed Forces of Indonesia”, or the army.

The head of ICCE has been placed under house arrest for two months, and a third leader, the deputy head of it, has been arrested.

The three were accused of running a group known as the “Children of the Sea”, which allegedly recruited children for armed groups in East Timor.

The ICC has repeatedly condemned the alleged involvement of armed groups with child soldiers.

In 2014, a United Nations panel of experts condemned the ICCHC for “systematically and repeatedly” failing to take action against child abuse.

It said the ICCHR was complicit in the “deliberate exploitation of children for military purposes” by the armed forces of Indonesia, and that it had “failed to take adequate and effective measures to prevent such exploitation”.

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