• July 5, 2021

Why Is There A ‘Pivot’ To China? (And Why Is It Taking So Long?)

A new trend is emerging in the music industry.

It’s called “Pivot.”

In other words, as people are forced to switch from streaming services to streaming services, a new market is created that’s much better for the artists, labels and labels themselves.

Here’s how the game is played.

This is what happens when artists, who have long been in the habit of streaming and then re-streaming their music to keep the traffic flowing, are forced out of their homes and into the big screen and into a different market, where they are forced into the streaming market.

And as the market changes, the artists are forced back into the home-stream game.

That’s a whole other ballgame.

This is what the music business is like.

You know, you’re at the mall, you go to the radio station, you hear the station play.

But then you have to switch to Spotify, right?

You have to listen to music on your phone, right, because the Internet is gone, and that’s not happening, right.

Now, you have a bunch of people, and they’re trying to find new markets to do this.

And then you’ve got to keep them.

And that’s a really hard job.

And the artists have to keep doing that, and the labels have to get paid, and it’s really hard work, and there’s a lot of time and effort and sweat on their faces.

So I think there’s been a shift in the industry.

There’s been an awareness, and a lot more artists are realizing, OK, we can get this going.

And now, it’s happening with labels.

The labels are realizing this is the way it’s supposed to work, too.

And they’re embracing this, and more artists like us are embracing this.

Now you have these companies that have been in this for a long time, and have really invested in this, like Spotify and Pandora, and Apple Music, are embracing it, and you see it all coming together.

This has happened in the past, but this is something new.

This can happen again.

So, we’re excited.

It has happened before.

And this is happening now.

I don’t know if it will happen again, but it has happened, and this is an opportunity for people to come back to music again.

Now the next step is, will it happen again?


The next step will be, will there be a shift, will the artists be able to get back in, and will the labels be able, again, to make a living off this?

And we’ll see how that goes.

I think it’s going to be interesting to see what happens.

It will be interesting.

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